Kinky Ideas For A Sexy Relationship

Kinky Ideas For A Sexy Relationship

In today’s world monogamy prevails on a very minute scale as more people believe in the concept of polygamy. This usually ends up destroying a beautiful relationship and this form of rift mostly starts to occur when there is no more spice in a relationship.

Many people don’t like change, which is perfectly fine but one thing must be noted that those people who don’t like change undoubtedly missing out a lot of new experiences of life. It is a common site that at times the chemistry of the relationship dies out due to the same old routine whether it is in relation to chores or even sex. Many people like the plain old vanilla sex which is one of the reasons why two people lose interest in each other and start searching for other partners. Well to help, all you people out there reading this article who are suffering this same problem we have created some pointers below which are bound to change a lot in your life. Thus the following are few of the kinky ideas which you can use to spice up your sex life and make your relationship much more better.


1) Get Food involved

Everybody in the world likes to have sex the usual way and while this may lead to satisfaction, it for sure won’t lead to a heightened sex drive which could help you perform better. One of the best ways to get kinkier with your partner is by bringing in the factor of food. There are so many things you can use to spice up your sex life like whipped cream, Nutella, jam, etc. Make sure you use these products at places which can easily be cleaned or on a bed sheet which you really hate and don’t mind throwing out after you are done with everything as if your using food then things are bound to get messy.

2) Make out under the open sky

What’s better than having sex in a room surrounded by walls? Well having an intimate time with your partner on the terrace under the open sky. The excitement felt due to the rush of blood and the sensation on getting bold without anyone getting to know is bound to get you and partner into an overdrive which is bound to end with a fantastic experience and a memory which you can cherish forever.

3) Role play is bound to boost your sex drive

It is a common fact that both men and women have various fantasies when it comes to foreplay and sex. Talking to your partner about this or even just surprising them dressed up as their favorite fictional character is undoubtedly going to result in a night we are sure you will never forget. There is just something special about sexual fantasies as they make even the wisest person lose all their sense of thinking.

4) Shower together

Whether it is in the morning or after a hard day after work, showering with another person can help you release all the tension you have with an added bonus of making your sex life way more kinkier than it can ever get. Taking a shower together has various other advantages as well, as it has shown to improve friction and cause better orgasms too.


BDSM is one such idea which is better to be discussed in hand rather than surprising your partner with it. There are many kits available online which a person can buy and the most general kit of all have the common items such as handcuffs, whips, Blindfolds and one or two toys already in them which can help you enhance your sex life by taking it to a whole other level.

6) Reverse roles if you’re bold enough

This idea is also better if you discuss it beforehand rather than surprising your partner with it. Although it might seem insane for some, in reality, it can result in one hell of an experience which is bound to leave both you and your partner exhausted.