Best Places To Have A Quickie

The urge for sex is something that can come at any time. When you see a couple passionately smooching, you too want to have some fun, and also you never know when you will get an opportunity. There are possibilities that you might pick up someone or get picked up by someone.

There are people who have the ability to keep things in control and wait till they get to their house or to the room. But there are people who do not have control and want to get into the action immediately. Even though they cannot have a perfect sex session, they at least want to have a quickie. In this article, we will best places to have a quickie.

The car

The first choice and obviously the best choice when it comes to having a quickie is your car. It is a very common thing that has happened with the Birmingham escorts as some of their clients cannot control their urge and they will have quick session in their during their drive. All you need to do is find a place where you can park your car where no one can see you. Raise the glasses, lock the doors and start having fun. Make sure that there are no cops nearby.


The washroom is one place that you will find in all places. Restaurants, hotels, pubs, and clubs you will find it anywhere and everywhere. The best part is the many people know for a fact that couples indulge in some dirty stuff in these areas. The management of the building is the only issue that you have. Otherwise, you can have all the fun in the world.

The office premises

There are good possibilities that you will end having sex with some of your co-workers. But if you cannot wait till you can get home, you can do it is office premises itself. But make sure that you do not get caught because it will be the last day that you ever step foot in the office.

Parking area

Just like washrooms parking areas are the ones that you will find in many places. There are very fewer possibilities that people will be around. You can a great time in the parking area. It will only become an issue if someone complains about it to the cops.


When people are leaving the bar or the club they will most book a taxi. If you are not feeling awkward to do in the presence of the driver, you go for it. Most of the taxi drivers will not oppose it as they have already seen a lot.

Dressing room

The dressing room in shops is one of the best places to have a quickie. You can be sure that no one will disturb you. Your privacy is a hundred percent guaranteed.  The only thing that you should be careful about is the noise. Try your best to keep the volume low, so that you do not attract any form of attention.


An elevator is a very common place where you can have a quickie. There are possibilities that you might get caught in the act, and hence you need to be mindful in whatever you are doing.