4 Erotic Movies Which Are Better Than Fifty Shades of Grey

We all have that side within us which attracts us towards a kinky movie or a book, but due to the popular selection and choice we usually wind up watching the same movie which everyone else does.

The movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” is one of the most popular film and also the first film which comes on in every single person’s mind when they hear the word “kinky”. With being undoubtedly a good movie which showcases a lot of kinky factors, there are some movies which are even better than it and have crossed various benchmarks on multiple occasions, but due to the gap in centuries, they don’t get celebrated as much as this movie. Thus to help you explore more on the popular genre of erotica here are the 4 Erotic movies which are better than Fifty Shades of Grey.

1) Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut is an erotic drama film which brings in an extremely hypnotic atmosphere along with its every scene. The movie stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman and they were so committed on making this film that they even had reportedly signed an agreement which said that they would work on this picture as long as Kubrick(The director)  wanted them to work. The story is about Tom Cruise who is a high society New York doctor, whose life later baffled when his wife confesses her sexual fantasies about a young naval officer she met the summer before. This leads Cruise to a secret sex club where naked models are on display while they are on the midst of an all-out orgy. The movie provides an excellent thriller experience which comes in later while Cruise goes through various other problems in life due to the addiction of sex. The movie has such a steamy and sensual touch in it which does not fail to get the audience in an all heightened mood.

2) Unfaithful

The movie Unfaithful came out in 2002 and quickly has made itself among the top sensual movies of this century, as it makes the viewers believe as though they are watching a thriller, but in reality, it’s all about an affair between a married woman and a French man. It shows the sexual act of intimacy in a beautiful manner which is bound to make some people feel amazing while watching this movie. The movie is all about how the mind wins over the body and how it is hard to stop doing something once you have started and got addicted to it. The movie is undoubtedly the hottest mainstream American film of this century as it covers all the aspects of betrayal, love, lust, and sorrow.

 3) Basic Instinct

The movie Basic Instinct set fire into theaters in the year 1992 due to the opening scene of the film which starts from a not so regular sex scene and quickly turns extremely kinky in a matter of seconds. The movie expands the boundaries of women having casual sex in a manner where her promiscuity is not being judged. The movie shows the sexual power a person has over the other person to an extent which is bound to make anyone’s leg and lips shiver. The intense murder scene at the beginning of the movie and the raw sexual visuals along with it are the vital essence of this film which definitely makes it a movie which everyone needs to watch at least once in their lifetime.

4) The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden movie came out in recent years when compared to the other movies on this list. In 2016 this gorgeous erotic thriller which showcases a handmaiden who takes on a new job to a mysterious troubled lady which later results in a passionate affair that disrupts both their lives has a very steamy flow along with the movie. The extravagant visuals, sense of humor and the true shades of the people in this movie undoubtedly make this one of the most straight forward films of this century. There is plenty of sex scenes in the movie which are bound to get any watching audience hot and bothered.